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Freedom Barometer 2014

Balkans and Greece Edition

The latest edition of the Freedom Barometer is now available as PDF download. For more information about the Freedom Barometer Project, please visit www.freedombarometer.org or the Facebook page.

Raseljena lica na granici srpske i kosovske

Raseljeništvo Srba sa Kosova karakteriše iskustvo totalitarnih promena: smene perioda izloženosti raseljenika fizičkom i političkom nasilju i periodi koje obeležava nemilordna strategija preživljavanja i borbe za pristup aktuelnom civilizacijskom prosperitetu. Nasuprot kolokvijalnim uverenjima da je istorija raseljeništva iz ove male zemlje spornog statusa istorija neprestanog žrtveništva, raseljena lica su u značajnom broju umela da koriste svoje viktimogene predispozicije kao strategiju u vertikalnom i horizontalnom društvenom pomeranju. Postoji mnogo indikatora koji ukazuju da je višedecenijski pakt između Srba na Kosovu i van Kosova i političke elite kompletnog političkog spektra Srbije voljan, iako ne uvek i obostrano koristan. Ova društvena grupa, iako na margini, bila je, jeste, a po svemu sudeći i biće i subjekt i objekt srpske politike. Poslednjih godina, takav odnos se diskretno ali konstantno razvijao i sa političkom elitom na Kosovu, a Briselski pregovori Beograda i Prištine doprineli su tome da se taj odnos, uporedo sa postepenom političkom integracijom Srba na Kosovu, dodatno ubrza.

by Emir Kovacevic
by Emir Kovacevic

Freedom of Religion in the cases of the European Court in Strasbourg

Book presentation, Sarajevo, 29 November 2013

Friedrich Naumann Foundation recently finished a publication authored by Emir Kovačević, a Foundation’s alumni and an attorney-at-law. The title of the book is “Freedom of Religion in the cases of the European Court in Strasbourg” and it brings to the public a selection of cases that will try to shed some light on this salient and increasingly political topic.

An Illustrated History of Canada’s Native People

by Arthur J. Ray

“An Illustrated History of Canada’s Native People” by Arthur J. Ray portrays the history of the Canadian Indians - the Canadian First Nations - from the earliest prehistoric settlements until to today – from Indian myths of human creation to today’s issues of land claims and special Native rights.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

by Daniel Kahneman

It is the gift of the author to create pictures in my mind. Pictures of sceneries, people acting in everyday life I could be part of as well. Pictures are not just pictures but the first step into another dimension of compassion, suffering and happiness. Thinking fast and slow is not a novel but a carefully explained compilation of different tests. Kahneman tries to make a sophisticated story as simple as possible. That’s good to keep the reader entertained. If a psychologist will explain to you that the process of thinking could be roughly separated into two parts or systems: system 1 (thinking fast) and system 2 (thinking slow). Would you question him? Of course not. He has all the evidence, all the necessary proofs to make a sound assumption. As a reader you might still be curious to know more about these systems and the author’s explanations. And now begins the almost relaxing part. Because Kahneman looks back to a rich professional life with a bunch of stories, reading this book is enthralling and a good story in itself.

by Rajaa Alsanea
by Rajaa Alsanea

Girls of Riyadh

by Rajaa Alsanea

Saudi Arabia`s Sex and the City, as critics like to call "Girls of Riyadh", was immediately banned in Saudi Arabia when released in 2005 in Arabic. Only two years later it was published in English and sparked a fierce debate in the media and countless online forums. 

Islam without Extremes - A Muslim Case for Liberty

by Mustafa Akyol, New York 2011

There is not and never has been only one way to look at Islam. Despite all national and international controversies about the relationship between Islam and Liberty there are a number of examples of modern and open-minded Muslims who reject Islamic extremisms and favor freedom while at the same time being committed to the Qur’an. The Turkish journalist Mustafa Akyol belongs to the rising group of people for whom being a Muslim and advocating liberty are not a contradiction but compatible if not even logical.

Freedom Barometer Asia 2011
Freedom Barometer Asia 2011

Freedom Barometer Asia 2011

Publisched by the Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia

The "" project of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia in Bangkok has been developed as an attempt to measure freedom, in all its complexity, in selected Asian countries. In contrast to most other indices, this project is not limited to simply one aspect of freedom, be it political or economic. Instead, the Freedom Barometer combines the most significant elements of economic, civil and political freedom with a specifically liberal perspective.

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Book of the Month: October 2012

“Atlas shrugged“ by Ayn Rand (1957)

America in the 1950s, still dysfunctional and seeking to build its economy. Key achievements are being made by women and men exploiting natural resources, producing steel and railroads, inventing and innovating. Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden are among those individuals. While seeking personal profit, they only act to achieve their own happiness. Yet, like the ancient Atlas, they carry the weight of our world as no growth and development happens without their productive activity. Their individual profit lies at the heart of society`s wellbeing.

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