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The Freedom Barometer

Western Balkans Edition

Freedom Barometer Western Balkans was established as an offspring of FNF’s Freedom Barometer South East and East Asia. It measures freedom in Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. Kosovo has not been included yet for the unreliability of data available. In contrast to most other indices, this project is not limited to one aspect of freedom – be it political or economic. Instead, the Freedom Barometer Asia tries to combine the most significant elements of economic, civil, and political freedom and assess them from a specifically liberal perspective.


It does so by using the data of existing indices, combining them in a new way. The result is an assessment of political freedom, the rule of law, and economic freedom.


The degree of political freedom is measured based on the criteria of free and fair elections, the absence of unconstitutional veto players, and the freedom of the press.


In terms of the rule of law, the Barometer comprises the following three variables: Independence of the judiciary, levels of corruption, and the extent to which human rights are protected.


The variables making up the assessment of economic freedom are: Security of property rights; the size of government; the regulation of credit, labour, and business; and, the freedom to trade internationally


We offer our distinguished visitors a Serbian and an English version for download.

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